Northwest Justice Project

Location: Seattle, WA



Northwest Justice Project (NJP) is a 230 person poverty law firm located throughout Washington State serving more than 13,000 clients a year.  The National Technology Assistance Project is housed at NJP’s Seattle office and helps non-profits create and implement legal technology thanks to a federal TIG grant form LSC.

Fellowship Overview

The ATJ Tech Fellow will help facilitate and create online community for Legal Aid Technologists through the creation of online content and communication with the national Legal Services community.  The fellowship duties will be tailored to the fellows skills and interest. The fellowship will conclude launching a technology tool or standard to help the entire community and server as a best practice for other organizations. 

Fellows Duties

The fellow will have a significant say in molding the project objectives and final products. Project topics might include: document assemble, automated expungement, data destruction, expert systems, online security, or data visualization. 

The fellow will also assist in answering technology research questions for Legal Services organizations nationally. The fellow will also help with legal aspects of the project including contract review and drafting.  The position is both technical and legal in nature and is overseen by a lawyer with support from our technology team. 

Competencies Include

  • Great writing skills
  • Technology adoption skills (willing and able to learn new technology)
  • Strong research ability
  • Basic Project Management skills
  • Ability to translate tech for non techies