steps to prepare

Get started by following these simple steps. Be sure to refer to the Frequently Asked Questions and Official Rules pages for more detailed information.

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Law students can fill out this form to express interest and stay up to date to the latest news!

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join slack

Fill out the interest form to receive the link to join the Justice Innovation Challenge slack team.

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Attend webinar

Join us on May 20th for a live webinar discussing in-depth information about the challenge.

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Don’t know where to start? Check out the Project Ideas page to get inspiration!

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form a team

Project teams can consist of up to (4) members, led by a current law student.

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find a sponsor

Need help? Visit the “Resources” page to find potential sponsors in your area.

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build solution

Check out the Resources page for tips and tools to help develop your projects.

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submit project

Hang tight! The challenge submission portal will go live in early June.


project ideas

Need inspiration? We have curated a list of past projects and ideas to help you get started.


Check out these helpful resources to investigate the access to justice crisis, find potential host organizations, and tools to develop your projects.